Quick Spot Fix! Get Clearer Prom Skin with Anatomicals

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When prom day is fast approaching, it’s every girl’s worst nightmare when they start to feel a spot brewing.

Anatomicals ‘The Hottie Tottie Is Never Spotty’ new skin care range is not only cheap (so perfect for students on a budget) but also it actually works!

With the signature scent of strawberry and willow bark, it’s designed to leave younger faces fresh and clear.



 Here Zitty Zitty Miawow Daily Scrub, £3.99 for 150ml

Gentle enough for everyday use, but still powerful enough to show your spots the door, simply scrub your way to cleaner and clearer skin.


Blitz Your Zits To Bitz Daily Cleanser, £3.99 for 150ml

Use morning and night and rinse thoroughly with luke warm water to bag yourself a complexion fit for a Prom Queen.


Easy Peasy No Squeezy Roll On, £3.99 for 10ml

Formulated to keep your skin flawless on the go, easily roll on to the targeted area and watch your spots disappear.


Pores and Phwoars Shine Free Moisturiser, £3.99 for 50ml

Smooth gently into your face and neck using upward and outward movements for unblemished beauty at all times.


The ‘Hottie Tottie Never Spotty’ range is available to purchase now at Superdrug and www.asos.com


WORDS BY: Leah Goodwin

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